Remarks by Chairman, Eng. D.M Wanjau at North Rift Region Sensitization workshop February 2018

Chief Guest,
Fellow Board members,
Members of the County Executive from various Counties present,
Fellow engineers and participants,
All protocols observed,
It gives me pleasure to welcome you to today’s regional workshop to deliberate together on matters appertaining to engineering the expectations of the society on the engineer.
Today’s workshop is one of a series of national workshops that the Board is undertaking through out the country with the view of meeting our esteemed stakeholders to forge a common understanding on the role of engineers and engineering in the development of our Nation. This workshop follows previous ones held in Mombasa and Kisumu.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Since the commencement of the Engineers Act in 2012, the Board has sought to actively engage all stakeholders as part of its strategies and towards the appreciation of engineering in the attainment of the Country’s development blue print, the Vision 2030.
The Board has also continued to put in place systems and structures that will assure the public that engineers give quality services and assure public health and safety as they offer technically and economically feasible engineering solutions.
To this end, the Board, in conjunction with the Institution of Engineers of Kenya, continue to ensure that persons registered and licensed as professional engineers are properly prepared for the task ahead through thorough professional examinations. Through this we are proud to assure the public of the competence of professional engineers.
I am pleased to inform you that through these collaborations, the numbers of professional and consulting engineers has continued to grow in the last five years to over 2,200 currently, although a lot more needs to be done. I assure you that the Board is properly seized of the matters.
Further, the Board continues to work closely with training institutions to ensure that graduates of our Universities are well prepared for future practice.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
It must not be lost to anyone that the purpose of the existence of the Board is to protect the public by focusing on the mandate of the Board of registering engineers and firms, regulate professional services, oversee standards, training and development of the engineering practice
The Board will therefore continue to implement the provisions of the law fully and to achieve this, we must work together with all our stakeholders.
I therefore welcome you to have open discussions with the Board on your concerns during this workshop.
As I welcome the Chief Guest, I am reminded of the saying that “Good engineering leads to good development, Bad engineering leads to no development”
It is my pleasure to welcome the Principal Secretary to give the official opening address and officially open the workshop.
Thank you.