Speech by EBK Chairman – Eng. D.M Wanjau during Western/Nyanza Stakeholders Workshop




Fellow Board members,

Invited Guests


I take this opportunity to welcome you to this stakeholder’s workshop and finding time to come and share with the Board your experiences in the practice of engineering.

This is one of a series of workshops that the Board has organised to reach out to our stakeholders as the Board implements its mandate as provided under the Engineers Act 2011.

As you may be aware, the Engineers Act 2011 repealed and replaced the Engineers Registration Act (1969) in order to provide a stronger and effective legal framework to attend to the challenges of the day and promote the practice of engineering.

The Board is therefore committed to the implementation of the Act to ensure that the desired outcomes and benefits from the implementation of the Act are fully realised.

To effectively do this, the Board will work with all its stakeholders at both the National Government level and the County Governments as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Board has several programs that seek to promote the practice of engineering for the achievement of our Country’s Vision 2030 and to promote sustainable development goals to transform our Nation by facilitating and nurturing the growth of knowledge for engineers.

The Board is well seized of the challenges facing the nation in relation to the practice of engineering and will continually seek to engage all stakeholders in formulating strategies and solutions to address these challenges.

In particular, the Board is keen to ensure that professionals undertake their responsibilities fully and are held accountable for their actions. Similarly, the Board will ensure that engineers are given their space to practice effectively for the safety and health of the public.


The Board is committed to ensuring that engineers remain professional by maintaining their knowledge, upholding professional code of ethics and being true to their professional calling.